When one of your production machines is down, due to a broken or worn part, we can help. We can make a new part or weld and machine the damaged part to your specifications in an urgent time frame. We realize down time is your enemy.

Cooney’s Machine Shop is a general machining job shop. We specialize in replacement parts and repair work. We can build your parts from blueprints, sketches, or samples.

We welcome walk-ins and small jobs.

Welding and Fabrication

We offer welding services on Stainless steel, aluminum, and steel and other alloys.

We braze and silver solder cast iron, steel, and other alloys.

We offer press work that may involve removing and replacing gears, sprockets and bearings on shafts. We straighten bent shafts and other distorted parts.

We cut keyways in shafts and broach keyways in sprockets, gears, and pulleys.

We remove broken bolts and repair damaged threads.

Design & Special Projects

Due to our years of experience, we can help solve your problems. We can help you design needed improvements in your production line.

We are available for on-site consultation when you need our help.

If you are an inventor, call us. You dream up an idea, we can help make it become a reality.

We build prototypes.

We help entrepreneurs by modifying existing equipment or fabricating new equipment.

Get in touch!

We can help solve your problems. We’d love to hear from you.